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You Got To Move Music Video


Grits The Band with OFCLOUDS


Post Production Supervisor, Director, VFX


Ben Smith, Ted Day




Music Video, OFCLOUDS, 3 Fucked Guys, Post Production, VFX, Content


Fuji XH2-S, Premiere, After Effects

It was hard to find a decent HDV camera, but the 2006 state of the art Canon XH A1 with plenty of flight hours did the trick. Forgot to blank the tapes before we shot. Whoops.

The video wasn't distributed very much because we did such a good job. Maybe some day cataonicyouths will pick it up and we'll be cringe famous.

Our cast was fantastic and we loved working with the band too.

Shot in Brooklyn at Marine Park, Prospect Park, Floyd Bennett Field, and Fort Tilden (which is technically Queens, but just barely).

The final single off GRITS.' full-length album "Love Gone Wrong"


Fake Eric - Fake Eric

Girlfriend - Nika Noname

Nunchuck guy - Enrico Thomas

Whip guy - Joe Pilato

Directed, shot, and produced by 3 Fucked Guys

Featuring Eric Breeding, James Ruffino, Nick Grau, & Dave Lucchino Executive Produced by Zaq McCollum

If you got this far you'd find this easter egg: James + Dave were in a Vacationland video in 2013. Take a look at the gallery below and watch the video we made when we were some bros with a bad idea.

Project Gallery

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