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Hi, I'm Cam Vokey and I'm an artist working in multimedia as a producer, engineer, and designer aka "Producing Creative Technologist." I live in Brooklyn, New York with my partner, Melanie Parker, and our son.


For fun, I make mixtapes as Vacationland which are "like Fabio trying to have a light jog in some nice smooth 90bpm margarine." I also take a lot of photos. Here is my reel,  resume, & portfolio.

As a freelancer, I operate under and Zen Zone Digital.  


RadicalMedia | Creative Technology Producer

2022 - Current

Zen Zone Digital (Freelance DBA) | Creative & Technical Director

2009 - Current

Bravo Media | Senior Creative Producer (previously Creative Technologist & Producer)

2016 - 2022

3-Legged Dog | Creative Technologist & Producer

2012 - 2016

Work History

Since 2022, I've been deep-in-it on projects for RadicalMedia where I'm a hands-on producer of a mighty Creative Technology team. 

Historically, I mostly freelance as a creative and/or technical and/or post and/or VFX producer. In addition to the management side, I work as a graphic, motion, interactive, print, digital designer and creative director. I like combining all of the skills to create workflows and unique, project-specific pipelines. Some of my favorite clients are the writer / director PJ Magerko, as well as the creative studio, Wild Combination. Wearing a different series of hats, I also work with my sister, Caroline Cox, and we make print and digital dynamic art catalogs (she's one of my favorite clients). We've also gotten into pre-viz rendering for her clients. Very fun!

My brother, Nick Vokey, is an illustrator, creative director and animator. I’ve worked with him on a couple of animations that are pretty funny. Most recently he produced the short series Wet City for Cartoon Network. I didn't work on it, though. 

Past Lives:


From 2016-2022, I worked for Bravo Media, where I engineered, produced, and designed multimedia experiences for events, and permanent activations. Most of my network there came from my days at 3-Legged Dog. More on that below... 

I used to work at 3LD (2012-2016), where I worked on several large-scale multimedia designs, specifications and filmshoots. For many years I also worked as part of video production collective called "OFCLOUDS" where we produced music videos, short films, and video installations. We still passively produce projects here and there, but we are no longer an active production company seeking clients. 

Before 3LD, I managed an art space in Tribeca (RIP). It was right next to the now defunct Sau Voi Corp, which served the best Banh Mi in the city for $5 a sandwich!


I've been making mixtapes as Vacationland since 2012. Largely inspired by the blog house mixtapes of the 00s, I've tried to take up the torch that was really launched by artists like Cut Copy (So Cosmic), DJ Neil Armstrong, Cosmo Baker, Aeroplane, The Magician, and Moulinex (Libère La Femme). Fabric Live too! The mixtapes "keep our naked volleyball tournaments grooving throughout the day" (Brian Davis, Tiki Tomba). Proud of those reviews for sure. The genre is "Blaze-Wave" which sums it up fairly well, too. 

Played all over the world, my mixtapes have the most plays in the United States, France, Russia, and Canada. Unbelievably, I've been able to get over 250,000 plays just on SoundCloud (that's over 12 million minutes of listening FYI). That's pretty cool, I think. 

Vacationland is produced exclusively in collaboration with OFCLOUDS, a video-art collaborative based in Brooklyn and Florida. Vacationland mixtapes are hosted on SoundCloud by me, and on MixCloud by our streaming partners Brooklyn Radio

In print media, Vacationland mixtapes have been featured in The BLAAAH. Internet radio: Arnaud L'Aquarium's, curated station Aquarium Radio, and the Florida based electronic station, Too Good For Radio. Honors, all around. 

Vacationland mixtapes have been featured on nu-disco favorite Nu Disco Your Disco, electro-heavy Get Lifted Tonight, mostly french-touch Musique Chic, Colombia's ///SLANG MAG, Mau Vargas' The Blaaahg, and many others.

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