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The Duke Projection Sculpture



Projection Engineer, Technical Producer, Creative, Grid Design, Template Design


Jason Batcheller, Seth Kirby, Andrew Garces, Justin Jaro




Experiential, Projection Design, Broadcast, DOOH, New Technology, R&D, Dynamic, Content


MadMapper, Vectorworks, Immersive Designer Pro, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Projectors, Boxx Servers

In 2018, Jack Morton approached Bravo Media to help execute a dynamic projection mapped sculpture for the NFL Network's new Broadcast Studio in Inglewood.

My role was to design the projector specification, manage systems' research and development, design the projection raster, create grids, design templates, and produce the technical aspects of the project along with Jason Batcheller (lead programmer) and Seth Kirby (panel systems' engineer). I was also responsible for creating previz and wireframe assets that would eventually go on to becoming fully realized show elements. I also had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Showman Fabricators to get this behemoth to avoid projection clipping as well as optimize the lattice work for the best possible viewing angles for each panel.

Our goal was to create discretely addressable projection panels that can go from opaque to transparent in any kind of reveal pattern we design, and design a media serving system that can dynamically feed the projectors. Behind the object, called the "Duke," is a viewing platform for studio visitors and fans and having folks seeing this incredible behind the scenes moment was a secondary goal.

It took three years of hard work, a custom server, custom show systems, and integrated custom relays. We tried a number of solutions for all branches of the project, and we are happy with the final results! In the late summer 2021, it went live and you can now catch it on the NFL Network.

The Duke and the rest of the NFL Studios design won a series of awards like Sports Set Design of the Year and is up for a few more.

Be sure to check out the project gallery below.

Alright, let's do the numbers 🎶

  • A bespoke show control system

  • 1 master server with ingest and presets

  • 2 master relays

  • 3 airbnbs

  • 3 A/B film tests

  • 4 combinations of ND plexiglass

  • 5 different switchable film options

  • 8 projectors

  • 54 individually addressable projection panels

Bravo Media provided production support, facilities, and equipment

Jack Morton Worldwide was the design agency

Diversified managed AV and Systems' integration

Showman Fabricators engineered and built the studio (including coordinating the Duke to work best with projection!)

Project Gallery

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