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Nemacolin Resort Spring 2021 Campaign


PJ Magerko with Navia Vision


VFX Supervisor, Post Production Supervisor, Wireframes


Andrew Garces




VFX, Commercials, Post Production, Content


After Effects, Premiere, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Element 3D, Fuji XT3

PJ Magerko, a long time collaborator and the VP of Brand Strategy at Nemacolin Woodland Resort, has been producing film and photo work since 2015, and this was the first project he and I worked on together for the resort. PJ is a visionary director – he has a keen eye for story telling and good looking content, and he is one of my favorite people to support creatively.

This project was a beast. Nearly every shot in the commercial had VFX elements.

My role was simple, I needed to evaluate the VFX shots in pre-production and make recommendations to the Director of Photography, Alexander Dynan, so that we could achieve those shots. I also produced wireframes of the VFX moments that matched to the animated boards. Those wireframes would then get populated with assets from the shoot, I would do my level of VFX with animated notes, and then hand off those After Effects files to the lead VFX artist, Andrew Garces. On set, my job was to flag for any potential problems, find solutions, as well as make sure we got all the coverage we needed. Brackets, baby!

My schedule each day was get up at 7am, check overnight renders, and then spend all day on set doing quick and dirty VFX proofs while keeping my eye on the director's monitor (thanks man). At night, I would send my revised wireframes to Andrew and then send any complicated VFX to render overnight.

In Post-Production, I managed the VFX process, did some VFX myself, and coordinated the asset delivery to Company 3 for final color (EDLs etc).

Be sure to check out the project gallery for the final commercials and some VFX stills.

Alright, let's do the numbers 🎶

  • A car full of gear

  • 1 Mac Pro

  • 1 MacBook Pro

  • 1 Laser Measure

  • 1 Camera kit

  • 2 Monitors

  • 3 Lenses for additional VFX plates

  • 3 Different gaffer's tape colors (x2 widths)

  • 4 Covid tests

  • 8 Shoot days

  • 8 Discrete deliverables

  • 14 VFX shots

Director PJ Magerko

Art Director Jordan Millington

Bravo Media provided production support

Director of Photography Alexander Dynan

Color Company 3

BTS Perspectrum

Drone Tim Sessler

Set Heather Greene

Project Gallery

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