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MSI: The Blue Paradox


RadicalMedia with Ogilvy for SC Johnson


Creative Technology Producer, Projection Engineer, Systems Engineer, Documentation


Top Secret, RadicalMedia




New Technology, Museum, Interactive, R&D, Experiential, Dynamic


Projectors, Displays

I can't go into how this was made and who made it, but I can give you some basics that were pulled from the much better copy writing of the creative production company behind it and readily available public information from the museum!

The Blue Paradox is the new and improved 2023 version of a short-term installation produced in London in 2020, hosted in an entire wing of Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry. Big project. Lots of people, many of which I have worked with before happily.

Over 18 months, my role was: Creative Technology Producer. I did the things I usually do (if you're new here: engineering, system specifications, commissioning, on-site integration, documentation, gear management, media management, projection mapping, budgeting, R&D) - but a lot more of them, and some new things too.

The photos and documentation in the gallery below were taken by me, Cam Vokey, and the good photos in there were taken by Ben Bauer.

 It's on-view currently. I recommend checking it out!

Project Gallery

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