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Magic Puffers Window Projections



Projection Engineer, Technical Producer, Template Design, Creative


Seth Kirby, David Ogle, Pete Richards




Fashion, Signage, Projection Design, Retail, Experiential


After Effects, Projectors, Vectorworks, MadMapper, Fuji XT3

This may have been one of the most straight forward installations I've ever worked on. Why? Amazing repeat client and a team I've been working with for a decade.

Working with David Title's top secret acrylic vendors, we designed custom cut outlines of Puffer Jackets, applied some rear projection screen to them and hung them from the ceiling. Then we mounted some projectors, hooked them up to our media servers and mapped content on to the acrylic.

At Moose Knuckles, they understand technological capabilities, and they worked with us to develop a plan and go through a research and development process.

In most cases, projection is no match for daylight – but if the surface is recessed from the window, the projector's foot-lamberts are higher than 120, and it avoids direct sunlight, it will work, and work pretty darn well.

As usual, I was a creative producer on this project, but given that the team was only four people, I also did the projection engineering, the template design, the mapping, and coordinated content with our motion graphics team. Nothing special here content-wise, we let the technology speak for itself. We saw multiple imitations of this execution in SoHo within the same year (Champion, I'm looking at you) – but I like to think we wore it best!

Check out the gallery below for more images and video.

Alright, let's do the numbers 🎶

  • 2 projectors

  • 2 media servers

  • 2 custom-cut acrylic projection screens

  • 2 delivery orders from Tacombi

Bravo Media provided production support, facilities, and equipment

Project Gallery

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