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Doughnut Theater


Krispy Kreme with Bravo Media, Arsenal New York, Electrosonic


Projection Engineer, Technical Producer, Creative, Grid Design, Template Design, Content


Jason Batcheller, Seth Kirby, Andrew Garces, Kevin Nunez




Experiential, Projection Design, DOOH, New Technology, R&D, Dynamic


MadMapper, Vectorworks, Immersive Designer Pro, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Projectors, Boxx Servers

At some point in 2019, we were approached to concept, design, and execute the experiential video elements for the Krispy Kreme flagship location in Manhattan, right by your favorite place in the world: Times Square.

We had a series of surfaces that we inherited from the original multimedia design studio, and we created a few of our own, too. Our goal was to surprise and delight the hundreds (thousands?) of people who cycle through the retail space daily – first with evergreen content, and secondly with something we called "Show Time" that would happen periodically throughout the day – it would drive the employees insane, but your uncle from Arizona will love it.

My role was creative and technical producer, with my hands in a lot of elements. It all started with a flight to Winston-Salem to do a series of projector tests to verify that projection would work well with doughnut glaze as the surface. I re-learned Vectorworks so I could work with the CAD that the architect used. Why? If they did an exact, complex brick pattern and it exists in 3D, it would be a helluva lot easier to work with that than to draw 500-ish bricks myself. That took me down an engineering path and I haven't looked back since.

In terms of the the technical aspects, I did the template, grid, and raster design, as well as the projection mapping templates. Regarding creative, I designed all of the evergreen content and I coordinated with the other motion graphics artists to produce the Show Time elements. I also worked closely with the lead programmer, Jason Batcheller, and Seth Kirby who helped to integrate our doughnut tracking enclosure. Yeah, this activation tracks and projection maps on doughnuts. I don't have any video of that of course 😵‍💫

Be sure to check out the gallery below to see all of the other executions for the installation.

Alright, let's do the numbers 🎶

  • A bespoke show control system

  • 1 master control server

  • 1 doughnut tracking camera

  • 3 Hidden within table LED displays

  • 4 projectors

  • 5 Traditional Signage LED Displays

  • 5 secondary media servers

  • 5 different Shows

  • 5 Evergreen looks

  • Thousands of doughnuts

Bravo Media provided production support, facilities, and equipment

Project Gallery

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