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The Stone Age: Weed Museum


The Stone Age with Bravo Media


Video Engineer, Projection Engineer, Creative, Grid Design, Template Design


Jason Batcheller, Seth Kirby, Al Hurst, David Ogle, Andrew Garces




Projection Design, Experiential, Content, Budget Management, Production Triangle, Interactive, Dynamic


MadMapper, Vectorworks, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, QLab, Fuji XT3, Projectors, Displays

In late summer 2021, we were approached to concept, design, and execute the audio, video, and lighting for a marijuana themed pop-up museum. The problem? We only had two months to do it all, from start to finish. The other problem? The design wouldn't be ready for another six weeks.

My role on this job was creative producer, but because this project need to be nimble, I served a lot of other roles as well. Working with Seth Kirby and Jason Batcheller, we scoped and budgeted the project without-a-concept and came up with AVL integrations that could work in a variety of situations. In tandem with our scenic partner, Time + Space, we built out a massive retail space – put in walls, electric, and rigging.

I call projects like this "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" or CYOA because without a roadmap, you really throw everything in your toolbox at it. Finding out that certain lighting instruments won't make it in time? No problem, just source them from Germany. Can't find anything online? Canal Street here-we-come. This area feels boring? I think we have an extra projector, maybe it's time to do some old-school graphics-mapping.

In addition to the usual producer-y stuff, I did projection specifications, cable charts, and lots of physical labor. I'm not above running cables. Also, I designed the content for an 8-channel sex-themed video installation within an infinity room, added in two projection mapped areas, and collaborated with the team on the rest of the installations.

This was a white-knuckle pedal-to-the-metal 8am-2am sprint that was chaotic (as all projects like this are), but it was also fun as hell.

Check out the project gallery below for more photos and videos regarding this installation.

Alright, let's do the numbers 🎶

  • A bespoke show control system

  • 1 master control

  • 1 GrandMA system

  • 4 interactive media servers

  • 7 Lumia activations

  • 8 Projectors

  • 10 Displays

  • 11 discrete media players

  • 14 unique spaces

  • Hundreds of lights

  • Speakers everywhere

Bravo Media provided support with purchasing and client management.

The Stone Age closed in January 2022 because it looked kind of like an undergrad independent study after someone smoked weed for the first time 🤷‍♀️. We did the best we could around the designs we were given.

Project Gallery

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